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I am a photographer with a focus on landscape and architectural photography, as well as process-oriented advertising and product photography. My technical skills go beyond just photography. I offer print products from conceptualization to final print-ready files. Key elements include high-quality photography, high-end image editing, and proper layout. Web and print-based media services, including graphic design, typography, and design, complement my expertise as an all-rounder in the field of print.

Nature and landscapes have always played a significant role in my life. I was born in the mid-1970s in a small town in Thuringia, on the edge of the Hainich National Park, in the heart of Germany, where I grew up with a strong connection to nature. Trips and vacations with my parents and grandparents often led us into the great outdoors. I discovered photography at a very young age, experimenting with the analog EXA and Praktika cameras that belonged to my parents and grandparents, which were manufactured in the former East Germany.

What started as a small hobby gradually evolved over the years into my profession and passion. My love for traveling also developed during my studies in business administration (BWL). My fascination with landscape photography was sparked by various stays abroad in Canada, Mexico, and the USA, with their diverse landscapes.

Nowadays, this type of photography also plays a crucial role in my professional life. In addition to workshops and photo tours, I often travel to Switzerland, Austria, and southern Germany to create work for commercial projects.

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