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End of Fall 2022 and in the beginning of the winter season, in the wake of an unexpected weather swing, my home region experienced a swift transition from mild winter temperatures to -14°C too -20°C almost overnight. This abrupt shift created a layer of crystal clear black ice on the surrounding lakes. An almost enchanting transformation took place as all the fallen autumn leaves became adorned with ice tentacles. The science behind the creation of hoar frost remains a mystery to me. In the initial days of this climatic metamorphosis, I used the opportunity to capture otherworldly looking ice-aliens in the frosty conditions. 


Navigating the icy terrain, hoar frost unveiled itself like a delicate tapestry of frozen lace, with its subtle intricacies casting an otherworldly glow against the profound darkness of the frozen waters. Through the lens, these crystalline wonders metamorphosed into sculpted ice-monsters and surreal scenes reminiscent of a sci-fi movie.


As the subsequent cold mornings unfolded, hoar frost crystals grew, and alien-like structures emerged on everything the ice touched. Here, amidst this winter wonderland, I was fortunate to capture some remarkable scenes before the sun graced them. Last winter's encounters inspired me to create a dedicated gallery solely for these amazing little ice-aliens.

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