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Enjoy the little things! My main goal is to show little details and shapes you're not perceiving your everyday life.The initial idea for my "Botanical Studies" project started almost 10 years ago inspired by the nature drawings of Ernst Haeckel from his book "Kunstformen der Natur". I would even say, my earliest contact and admiration with minimalistic black and white drawings of local flora and fauna dates back to my school days in the mid 80s.
For more than 6 years I'm actually photographing botanical objects in this very minimalistic black and white style. I had something with a clear background in mind with the object almost mimicking a pencil sketching.

Limited Edition FineArt Prints "THE SQUARES"

Enjoy the FineArt Prints on Hahnemühle's gorgeous FineArt Baryta paper and discover the finest details and contrasts. Museum board with a precise bevel cut, which aligns with the photo, is used as a matting Passepartout. The frames are made of black oak wood with a 20mm thick profile, giving the images a modern elegance and sophistication. To provide special depth and brilliance in my prints while reducing reflections, I have chosen high-quality anti-reflective museum glass.This time, I have chosen to print selected motifs from my long-term project "Botanical Studies" as square prints in sizes 30x30cm and 50x50cm, and offer them "ready to hang" with frames.

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