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One-on-One Landscape Photography Tuition

In my personalized landscape photography tuition sessions, participants embark on a creative journey in breathtaking natural settings, with options to tailor their experience to their preferences and time commitment. These intensive sessions are a gateway to capturing the unique beauty of the Baltic Sea, the Bavarian lakes and mountains, or the wild and magical landscapes of the Swiss Alps.

Choose from a range of personalized photography tuition programs tailored to your commitment level. Opt for the Two-Day Intensive to dive deep into essential elements in just two immersive days, the Two-Week Immersion for a comprehensive experience with specialized sessions, or the Three-Month Mastery for a thorough curriculum and extensive hands-on practice. Flexible scheduling and ongoing support ensure that you emerge with enhanced skills to capture landscapes uniquely.


Two-Day Intensive

The program begins with an assessment of your photography skills and goals. Over two immersive days, you'll dive deep into essential elements like composition, lighting, equipment usage, and post-processing.

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Two-Week Immersion

For a more comprehensive experience, consider my two-week immersion program. This extended duration allows for a deeper exploration of topics, including specialized sessions like monochrome photography. You'll have ample time for hands-on practice in iconic locations, with continuous feedback and guidance to refine your skills and develop your unique photographic style.


Three-Month Mastery

For those truly dedicated to honing their craft, my three-month mastery program offers an extensive learning journey. Beginning with a thorough assessment, you'll embark on a meticulously designed curriculum. This comprehensive program delves into composition, lighting, equipment usage, and post-processing, tailored to your chosen landscapes. It includes multiple specialized sessions and extensive hands-on practice in iconic locations. Ongoing support ensures you not only improve your skills but also gain the confidence to capture landscapes uniquely, whether in vibrant color or timeless monochrome.

Flexible scheduling options accommodate busy lifestyles, and ongoing support ensures that learning continues even after the sessions conclude. Regardless of the level you choose, you'll emerge from these personalized landscape photography tuitions with enhanced skills and a distinctive ability to capture the essence of each landscape, creating stunning images in your preferred style.

How my One-on-One Tuition Works:


During your personalized landscape photography tuition session, we'll embark on a journey of creativity and skill development in some of the most breathtaking natural settings. I teach in German or English. Here's how it works:

Contact me via or use the contact form below to set up a date.


Initial Assessment: Our journey begins with an initial assessment of your photography skills, experience, and your specific goals. Whether you're a beginner looking to grasp the basics or an experienced photographer seeking to refine your technique, I'll design a custom curriculum just for you.


Customized Curriculum: Based on your assessment, I'll craft a curriculum that addresses your strengths, weaknesses, and aspirations. Expect to delve into topics like composition, lighting, equipment usage, and post-processing, all tailored to the unique landscapes of the Baltic Sea (Darss peninsula), Bavarian mountains, or the stunning and diverse landscapes of Switzerland.


Monochrome Post-Processing Workflow: In addition to my standard curriculum, I offer specialized sessions, including exclusive monochrome photography experiences. Learn the art of capturing the world in black and white, from composing striking monochrome shots to mastering the nuances of light and shadow unique to monochrome photography. If you're interested in taking your monochrome photography to the next level, I also provide in-depth guidance on monochrome post-processing workflows. Discover how to transform your color images into stunning monochrome masterpieces using  Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop or Capture One Pro.


Hands-On Practice in Iconic Locations: Learning by doing is at the heart of my tuition approach. You'll have the opportunity to apply what you've learned during real-time, hands-on photography sessions in these remarkable settings, whether in color or monochrome. Receive immediate feedback and guidance to enhance your skills.


Personalized Feedback: Feedback is invaluable for growth. During each session, you'll receive constructive feedback on your work, helping you refine your skills and develop your unique photographic style within these incredible landscapes, be it in vibrant color or striking monochrome.


Flexible Scheduling: I understand that life can be busy. That's why I offer flexible scheduling options for your on location sessions. You can choose the dates and times that work best for you, ensuring that your photography tuition seamlessly integrates with your travel plans.


Ongoing Support: Your learning journey doesn't end with the session. I'm committed to your growth as a photographer. You'll have access to resources, recommendations, and support even after your tuition sessions conclude, so you can continue to explore and capture the beauty of remarkable landscapes.


By the end of your personalized landscape photography tuition, you'll not only have honed your photography skills but also gained the confidence to capture the unique essence of each landscape in your own distinctive way, whether through the vibrant palette of color or the timeless beauty of monochrome.


Two-Day Intensive

This level typically offers a concentrated learning experience over two days. Pricing can range from EUR550,- to EUR750,-, depending on the location we are going (Switzerland, at the Darss Peninsula/Baltic Sea or the Bavarian Mountains). It's a suitable option for those looking to grasp the fundamentals quickly.

Two-Week Immersion

A more comprehensive program spanning two weeks with specialized sessions may range from EUR2,000,- to EUR3,250,- depending on the location. This level offers a deeper exploration of photography concepts and ample hands-on practice on location. This program includes a 4-5 day intensive workshop in one of the locations in Switzerland, at the Darss Peninsula/Baltic Sea or the Bavarian Mountains.

Three-Month Mastery

For the most extended and in-depth learning experience, a three-month mastery program could range from EUR5,500,- to EUR7,000,- depending on the locations we will visit for our three 4-5 day workshops in one of the locations in Switzerland, at the Darss Peninsula/Baltic Sea or the Bavarian Mountain. It includes multiple specialized sessions, extensive hands-on practice, and ongoing support.

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