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Colors and mood at the Baltic Sea.

Behind the dunes and with a view of the unique Bodden landscape, let you have a peek at what's behind the sandy beaches. One of the more unusual places you can visit is the Darss peninsula. I soaked in so many childhood memories from countless family vacations over the years. You can come here at any time of the year and you’ll get rewarded with great images. I'm always amazed by the different conditions and the light, esp. in fall and winter, you can capture there. No wonder this place was inspirational for so many famous painters.

Sometimes when you visit the wild beaches of the Westrand at the Darss Peninsula, the Baltic Sea is as calm as a little pond. Such conditions are almost ruining your composition with great light and windbreakers. Even with those conditions, I'm happy with the image. Sure, there could be more waves or at least some white lines where the waves break and the sunset could have been more spectacular but that's what nature threw at me at this moment in time. One of the most important lessons I've learned as a photographer and human being is, managing your expectations.

This is one of my favorite photos I took during winter at the Darss peninsula at the Baltic Sea and it doesn't even show the sea itself. The Baltic Sea can look very dull and on that day, it looked like a lake with very few waves and little movement in the water. For me, this photo captures the captivating beauty and contrasts of nature. The yellow-brown-ish dune grass, the storm-beaten tree, and the gray sky create a compelling and emotionally charged scene, inviting the viewer to reflect on the power and grace of nature.


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