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Workshop October 2024: Switzerland

Even though mountain spring hasn't even started yet, I'm looking forward to summer and fall in the Swiss Alps. Together with Robert Zurfluh I'll lead a workshop in October (October 12th to 20th, 9 Days & 8 Nights in Switzerland). We will explore a diverse array of destinations, ranging from widely recognized landmarks to hidden gems of equal beauty.

Navigating a new location as a photographer can often feel daunting, with the potential for overwhelming sensations and creative blocks. At our service, we recognize these challenges and offer dedicated support to help you overcome them. By spending multiple days in specific regions, we ensure time for acclimatization and familiarity with the surroundings. Our goal is to alleviate any anxiety and empower you to achieve optimal results by providing guidance and assistance tailored to your needs throughout the creative process. We encourage you to explore beyond grand landscapes and delve into the hidden beauty of smaller scenes, enriching your photographic experience with newfound perspectives and intricacies.

Are you curious? Find out more about our Grand Tour of Switzerland on Roberts Website:


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