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Portfolio Box 2023
"The Elegance of Water"

It's almost November and I'm happy to announce the addition of the final 2 images now completes my 2023 Portfolio Box themed "The Elegance of Water".

I'm thrilled to present my 2023 Portfolio Box, where I invite you to explore the captivating beauty of water's simplicity. Building upon the success of my last year's Portfolio Box, this year's offering delves deep into the world of minimalist artistry, with a special focus on the enchanting forms and manifestations of water.

Find out more about my 2023 Folio Boxes in my Online-Shop:


Capturing the Soul of the melting giants: A Monochrome Journey with the Pentax K-3 III to the Swiss Mountains.

In the heart of the Swiss Alps, where rugged peaks kiss the sky and the crisp mountain air stirs the soul, I embarked on a photographic odyssey armed with a unique companion - the Pentax K-3 III Monochrome. This remarkable camera turned my journey into a monochrome adventure, allowing me to capture not only the awe-inspiring landscapes but also the eerie beauty of glaciers.

Read my full review on the website.


One-on-One Tuition

I’m excited to announce my One-on-One Landscape Photography Tuition officially.
In my personalized landscape photography tuition sessions, participants embark on a creative journey in breathtaking natural settings, with options to tailor their experience to their preferences and time commitment. These intensive sessions are a gateway to capturing the unique beauty of the Baltic Sea, the Bavarian lakes and mountains, or the wild and magical landscapes of the Swiss Alps.

Choose from a range of personalized photography tuition programs tailored to your commitment level. Opt for the Two-Day Intensive to dive deep into essential elements in just two immersive days, the Two-Week Immersion for a comprehensive experience with specialized sessions, or the Three-Month Mastery for a thorough curriculum and extensive hands-on practice. Flexible scheduling and ongoing support ensure that you emerge with enhanced skills to capture landscapes uniquely.

Find out more.


Interview for Issue 282 with the
"Black+White Photography" magazine


Interview with PetaPixel

In June, I was interviewed by PetaPixel about my long-term project, 'Botanical Studies.'

The article is titled 'Botanical Studies Series Shows Beauty of ‘Spiky, Round, and Edgy Things,’ and you can read it here:

Link to the PetaPixel article.


Botanical Studies Squares

The idea originated over 10 years ago, inspired by the nature illustrations of Ernst Haeckel. Since 2017, I have been photographing botanical objects in this highly minimalist black and white style.

Inspired by countless sketches by Ernst Haeckel from 'Art Forms in Nature' (1899-1904) and Karl Blossfeldt's photographs from the 1920s and 1930s, the concept for my project 'Botanical Studies' was born. In this project, each subject is intentionally presented in a minimalist manner.

Learn more about it here.


Abstracts & Patterns

For the year 2023, I will release a mini-collection once per quarter.

I will personally oversee the entire printing process and select the printing paper tailored to the subjects.

The photographs in this collection will be printed in formats Din A4, Din A3, and Din A2, using Hahnemühle FineArt Pearl 285gsm paper.

Learn more about it in my online shop:


Portfolio Box 2023 
"Botanical Studies"

Starting this year, I will be releasing a limited edition portfolio box once a year. This year I am dedicating the first edition to my long-term project on botanical studies, which contains 10 prints of my favorite motifs and I am printing in an edition of 50.

Each photo is printed by me with archival pigment ink using an Epson SC P800 onto an A4 sheet of Hahnemühle PhotoRag (308g/sqm). The size of the printed portion of the image is 26.7 x 19.0cm, with a thin white border surrounding the image. This portfolio contains a total of 10 prints that were created as part of my long-term project "Botanical Studies". The prints are delivered in a black Din A4 box (310mm x 225mm x 15mm) with a lid. To avoid plastic packaging and to protect each print, I will place P.A.T. certified interleaving paper between the prints.

Learn more about it in my online shop:


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